Original H&R Colt M16A1 Grip, Vietnam Era U.S. Army Issue, GREAT Condition (Slim)


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Up for your consideration are original (NOT a reproduction) Harrington and Richardson (H&R) manufactured M16A1 Slim style grips that came off of milspec U.S. Army A1’s. These are the most common of the M16A1 resin-based bakelite type grips made. These grips are in Great Condition, which is as follows:

  • No Cracks or bulges, may be small dents (usually the bottom/inside rear of the grip)
  • There may be some moderate discoloration, but this is due to age and use in service. Looks great with natural patina; again, does not affect structural integrity of grip whatsoever. You can choose to leave as is or refinish. Most budget friendly option.
  • Will be cleaned and ready to go for your rifle; looks amazing. Some of the checkering may be slightly worn smooth, but will have at least 80% ¬†crisp checkering.

This batch of grips look particularly clean and very nice. The grip you will receive will look similar to the one pictured. This is NOT a reproduction. This is the real thing, and would be perfect for your clone (or original) rifle.


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