Original Colt ACE .22LR Service Model Conversion Unit Firing Pin Stop


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Up for sale are Original firing pin stops for the Colt-22/45 Service Ace. These in are in good condition. If you have a slide that takes this type of firing pin stop this is your only chance to get a spare as this part is no longer made!

This fits the Early COLT Service Model ACE and Early COLT .22-45 Conversion Unit NOTCHED Firing Pin Stop. This one is different from the later model. This one is for the firing pin that has a step down in the rear.

These were tested in a conversion unit and it fit like a new part.

As with all replacement parts some fitting may be needed.

Colt did not have CNC machining back in the day when theses conversions were made, so these will look semi-rough in appearance. They will be discolored as they are nearing 70 or more years old, but are in 100% functional condition.

Always best to have gunsmith do work if you are unsure.

These parts are EXTREMELY limited. We do not have many of these left and once they are gone, we will not be receiving any more.

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Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in


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