Original Colt “C” Marked M16A1 Grip Vietnam Era U.S. Army Issue EXCELLENT CONDITION


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For sale are Original (NOT a reproduction) Colt “C” manufactured M16A1 Grips that came off of  U.S. Army M16A1 rifles. These are NOT grips made by sub contractors (like Harrington and Richardson, etc.). These are authentic Colt manufactured grips. They are denoted by a raised “C” mark on the inside of the grip near the top. These grips are in excellent Condition, which is as follows:

  • No Cracks or bulges of any kind
  • Will be cleaned and ready to go for your rifle; looks absolutely stunning. Will have at least 95% crisp checkering. Almost perfect condition grip. Some will be mottled, some will be smooth black or shiny in appearance. Just really depends on date of manufacture/materials used at the time.

The grip you will receive will look similar to the ones pictured. This is NOT a reproduction. As you can see by the pictures, these are some of the best condition service grade grips you can get. This is the real thing, and would be perfect for your clone (or original) rifle. These are getting almost impossible to source now, especially in this condition. Once gone, they will be gone with no guarantees of finding more.


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