Early Era Colt 6xx-XM Model Hammer, Surplus, Great Condition


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You are looking at pieces of history. These are authentic hammers from late 1950s-1960’s Early Era Colt, left blank due to the fact that Colt was the only manufacturer of these parts during this time frame (Colt did not start marking parts en masse for quality control until the 800,000 serial range, when other contractors like GM and H&R began production EXCEPT for the CE marked parts, which predate these triggers). These can be identified by the blank surface along with faint “casting circles” visible. Besides the first few “CE” Colt marked parts (Very rare and also available at Onyx Arms), these are as early as they come — starting production in the late 1950’s and into the early 1960’s. These were used in the Colt 601’s and other 6xx series rifles as well as some early XM series rifles. They also have the classic Colt Grey colored impeccable finish and are exactly what you need for your early Colt 6xx-XM series builds. If you are building one of these early rifles and must have perfection, this is it.

The information we have comes from hours of research, data collected from experts and is the most accurate that is available today.

They are in GREAT condition.  These parts came from original early Colt rifles and will show some signs of usage. Price is for ONE (1) hammer. Once these examples are gone, they are gone forever.

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