Colt Produced GM / Hydramatic Marked M16A1 Selector, Surplus, Great Condition


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Up for sale are uniquely marked Colt safety selector that were made by Colt for GM to use in their rifles.  These differ from the normal Colt produced parts in the markings. These particular selectors are marked with a small “C” with an even smaller number within the letter C. These numbers range from 1-7. With normal Colt produced parts, there is just usually a large “C” within a circle or a combination of the large C and the marking found on this selector (It is important to note that to the best of our knowledge that these were found on GM/Hydramatic M16A1 rifles (3,000,XXX) with 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 within C, indicating Colt supplied FCG parts to GM. GM M16A1’s also used Colt manufactured bolts (MPC) during production, although bolt carriers were unmarked).

Another important note is that these were used in both Colt AND GM rifles (technically these could be found in multiple types of rifles as these were used as spare parts, replacements etc). If you are looking to build an exact period or era rifle within the Colt/GM M16A1 parameters as they were issued, then these selectors are for you.

The information we have comes from hours of research, data collected from experts and is the most accurate that is available today.

They are in Excellent condition. These parts come from original Colt / GM 1970’s era M16A1 rifles. Price is for ONE (1) selector. We also have the matching triggers and hammers. The selector you receive will exhibit some wear from service, but will be in great service grade to possibly unused condition. Once these examples are gone, they are gone.

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