Early Sig Sauer P226 NSW / CRANE, Stripped Slides


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These slides are truly a piece of history. Here is some backstory:

A few years ago, these Sig Sauer P226 slides were discovered in a private collection / warehouse of military surplus. Packed away in a partially disintegrated box labeled “CRANE P226 slides”, these immediately caught our attention. Since there were not that many, we decided to pick ALL of them up. Initially, our search turned up with little to nothing. We knew this would require some asking around and more detailed investigation to find the story on these slides. A Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) was submitted on one of the slides and what what came back was amazing — a real tie to 1980’s CRANE as well as it service use (See Photos). This was the first sign that we were on to something. After FOIA confirmation of this, we realized that the serials we have in our possession are sequential and very close to one another — indicating that these slides were received by CRANE as a lot, therefore furthering the history with CRANE itself.

These slides were made in West Germany and were imported through Herndon, Virgina (old location) in the late 1980’s during the Sig Sauer P226/MK25 trials. They exhibit the import marks as well as a rare type of relief cut on the top of the slides not seen on other W. German made P226 slides. After consulting with an individual who was a SEAL involved with CRANE operations during this time (cannot reveal identity due to security reasons), he confirmed that the cut, markings and serials are all indicative of CRANE & NSW involvement. This coupled with the FOIA we received on one of the slides give us a high deal of confidence that the lot of these slides are deeply rooted in CRANE/SEAL involvement and *Possibly* were some of the slides used in the P226/MK25 trials. Though the trials portion of our claim is especially difficult if not impossible to prove without years of waiting from Sig Sauer Historical Archives to respond, we believe that at the very least these slides have heavily been involved with SEAL teams and CRANE operations — with one slide seeing over 21 years of service (Per the FOIA we received).

We know that there are a handful of slides out there that are unaccounted for — possibly being held by other collectors or prior CRANE members. We at Onyx Arms know, however, that we have the last of these particular slides available to the public and the only store online that can offer them to the public. We are also the only entity that has performed the proper FOIA on one slide to aid in the research of the history of these slides.

Now that we have the history of our discovery laid out, what will you be getting?

What you need to know:

  • The condition of these slides are stripped, good condition to excellent condition. Some will have a good battle worn finish to them, while others will look excellent with little wear. It really just depends.
  • Will need all of the internals and sights to bring this up to speed as a working pistol slide.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: the FOIA in the picture was for ONE pistol slide. For you to know the exact service history of the slide you purchase and receive, you must file an FOIA on your own. This will require time, patience and a little money.
  • Even with all the information we have, all of the markings, all of the unique serial numbers, rare slide cuts and verbal provenance from individuals who are in the know — we can only say with 99% certainty that all these slides are CRANE slides. The only way to know 100% is if you perform the FOIA for yourself.

We have done 99% of the legwork on these for you. It is up to you to take the risk (albeit a low risk since we have a ton of info on these.) The slide you receive will be in similar or better condition to the ones pictured.


These are available in EXTREMELY limited quantity. Once these pieces of history are gone….they are gone. So own a piece of it for yourself. Brought to you proudly by Onyx Arms.

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