Original Colt 604 Type C Stock, Vietnam Era U.S. Army Issue Good Service Grade Condition


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Up for your consideration are original (NOT a reproduction) Good Condition Colt 604 Type C (NO trapdoor) stocks that came off of early U.S. Army Colt 604 family of rifles . This stock is in GOOD Condition, which is as follows:

  • No bulges, may be small dents and/or scratches. May or may not have small cracks by the sling swivel area; these will be filled in as to add structural integrity. There is a surface crack on the right side of the stock, but has been filled in and is not deep.
  • There may be some discoloration or mottling but this is due to age and use in service. The Type C was produced with a black polymer from the outset. Mottling from filler material is sometimes still present. The easiest way to identify a Type C stock from its successors is to check for a foam vent hole in the locating tab. This tab prevents the rotation of the stock once fitted to a lower receiver. While the foam vent hole is also present on the located tabs of the Types A and B, those can be distinguished by their shape and material of composition as noted previously.
    • ¬†Looks great with natural patina; again, does not affect structural integrity whatsoever. You can choose to leave as is or refinish (would not recommend as this ruins the amazing mottling of the stock). May also have stickers, tape numbers etc.
  • Will be well cleaned and ready to go for your rifle; looks amazing. The rubber buttpads look absolutely amazing with NO cracks or webbing and swivel stud looks great (not rusted)! Hardware like sling swivel stud will be cleaned; might show signs of pitting, but all will be in perfect working order. Sling swivel (loop and roll pin) are all original and in amazing condition.
  • WILL include the original top screw with drain hole

The stock you will receive will be the one pictured. This is NOT a reproduction. This is the real thing, and would be perfect for your clone (or original) rifle. These are simply put not out there anymore. Most surplus service used Type C stocks found are in rough condition and need a ton of work (and for the same price as these!).  Any questions please feel free to ask!



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