Norotos SENVG PSQ20 Mount Kit


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The Norotos SENVG Helmet Mount allows the user to choose from five (5) different stow positions, excellent for task-specific operations. With Force-to-Overcome design, the SENVG Helmet Mount further maximizes safety through the Sweep-Away function that absorbs lateral-force impacts to Imaging System, “sweeping-away” as it rotates, virtually eliminating the possibility of damage/injury due to lateral impact events. It has an ergonomically optimized Vertical, Tilt, and Fore/Aft-Eye-Relief Adjustment Levers for a custom-fit user experience. The Helmet Mount Release Button allows quick one-handed release from Helmet Bracket or Shroud. It has a hot shoe Style NVG Interface, compatible with AN/PSQ-20A SENVG Fusion Imaging System.


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