MK12 Deployment Case Foam Insert


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Mk12 Deployment case foam insert, fits a Pelican 1700 case. This variation was used for the Mk12 Mod 0 and Mk12 Mod 1. Precision laser cut from 1.8# density open cell polyurethane foam, this is a 100% faithful reproduction of the issued case for the Mk12 platform.

The sides of the foam is cut square and may tend to bow up slightly when first placed in a Pelican case. This is normal due to the injection molded cases having a slight draft angle on the interior. Within a short amount of time, the foam will form itself into the case. Storing a rifle in the foam will speed up this process.

For permenant installation in a Pelican case the polyurethane foam adheres well with hot melt glue, 3M Foam Fast 74 or industrial grade 2-sided tape. This is especially important on the case lid insert to prevent it from falling out when opening.

These were produced by Neal @ Modern Arms Resources.