Insight Dual Pressure Pad / SF Lead Conversion – PRE-ORDER!


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**LEAD TIME IS 7-10 DAYS. **

We wanted to offer guys the opportunity to keep the clone look of their insight dual tape switch but have the option to run a modlite or SureFire instead of an old insight light.
They have been professionally soldered, tested, and sealed to be fully functional, reliable, and water tight. All parts being used are 100% brand new items. 65 for a insight tape switch, 55 for a st07 and 15$ of labor is where we get our price point. If you want to do the work yourself, have at it ! We have the parts needed in stock to furnish that

We don’t have any affiliation with SureFire or insight, so we don’t own any patent rights to this conversion. We offer zero returns, warranty, or refunds on this product. They will be sold in batches of 10 based on pre order sales. Once we run out of insight dual tape switches or SureFire st07’s, these will no longer be available.

In the future we may entertain the idea of doing the conversion for a fee, if the customer provides us with all materials and is patient to wait 2-3 weeks lead time.



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