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Granite Gear Chief Patrol – Coyote

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**These are used surplus bags. They have been inspected & each one is fully functional with no major defects. Small pin holes or the beginning of a fray may be found. Since these are used soft goods, no returns will be accepted.**

CHIEF Patrol

The CHIEF Patrol contract was granted through Natick’s Special Operations Office after an extensive source selection process and rigorous testing of packs from six other companies. The backpack meets the U.S. Special Operations Forces requirements to provide a load carriage system that delivers top-performance.



Natick’s requirements for the SOF Patrol pack was to be able to carry 100 pounds comfortably, survive a 40 foot drop fully loaded, and weigh 7lbs or less. The CHIEF frame is the key to meeting those requirements. The CHIEF System is engineered from a proprietary, continuously reinforced thermoplastic with distinct zones of flexibility, matching and supporting the soldiers natural spinal contours. The CHIEF frame can flex, but always returns to it’s original shape, never deforming like aluminum stays frequently do


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