Diligent Defense DTF-LTI 338/8.6BLK


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The DTF-LTI is our full size titanium suppressor for the 8.6/.338 crowd. It is best used where maximum sound suppression is required.

We’ve taken our Enticer baffle technology (quietest at ear reading on .308 ever tested by pew science) and applied to the DTF series. Same insane weight to DB reduction ratio.


Calibers:  Up to .338LM/8.6 (bore 0.400″)

Material:  Titanium

Length:    8-1/4″

Diameter: 1-5/8″

Mounting options:  Anything Bravo or 1-3/8×24 thread

Weight:   10.4oz

Direct thread available:  M18.5 x 1.5 titanium (8.6BLK)

Finish:  Graphite Black

Price:  $900 MSRP


Min Barrel Lengths:

.338LM – 22″

8.6BLK Subs – 8″min

8.6BLK Supers – 12″min


Firing Schedule:

.338LM – 10 shots before a cool down period

8.6BLK subs – unlimited (keep below 800 degrees)

8.6BLK Supers – 30 shots before a cool down period (keep below 800 degrees)


What you get:

-A kick ass suppressor

-DDC sticker

-No BS lifetime warranty when following barrel length and firing schedules.