Colt M16A1 Fire Control Group, Later Production “I” Marked, Excellent Condition


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This listing is for a Colt single line or “hash” marked trigger bow, hammer and selector. According to what we know, single and double hash marked components started showing up in 4.5 million serial number range Colt M16A1’s. Single (I), double (II) and triple (III) hash marked FCG components¬†were found in later Colt’s that start appearing intermixed with earlier numbers inside a C marking, in the SN range stated. So technically, this group can be used for a wide array of M16A1 clones.

The information we have comes from hours of research, data collected from experts and is the most accurate that is available today.

They are in Excellent condition.  These parts come from original M16A1 Colt rifles. You will receive one trigger, one hammer and one selector.

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Dimensions 6 × 4 × 1 in


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