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Colt M16A1 Type E Buttstock with Hardware, Good Condition


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For sale is an original (NOT a reproduction) Colt Type E M16A1 stock that came off of milspec U.S. Army Vietnam Era A1 rifles. These stocks are in Good Condition, which is as follows:

• No major cracks or bulges — imperfections and surface wear MAY be present

•Includes all hardware (sling loop, bottom screw, trapdoor, buttplate and top screw). This Hardware is in fair/good condition. Trapdoor is aluminum/steel and will be in good condition. NOTE: Trapdoors will come in all shades of grey and wear — structurally they will be similar to the one pictured, but colors/finish will vary. May or may not have slight pitting but will be completely functional. Stock may or may not have left over paint, stickers and/or tape from service. There may or may not be tiny hairline cracks that will be repaired or filled in. If you have any preferences, just make a not in your order and we will do the best we can to accommodate your request.

•Stock will be cleaned and ready to use. The stock you will receive will be in similar (or better) condition than the one pictured. This is NOT a reproduction. This is the real thing, and would be perfect for your clone (or original) rifle. You will receive all items that are pictured.

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