Beretta M9 Slide, USGI Military Surplus, New Old Stock


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This Beretta slide is a real US Military surplus slide that made its way into the civilian market and into our hands! New Old Stock without packaging.  This has identifying markings specific to military contract produced M9 slides.  Per

“The markings on the left side give you all the identification information needed. The top 2 are US government production (see comparison pictures). Notice the difference in the markings. First the top says P.BERETTA and the middle says BERETTA USA. This denotes the top slide was a first production, made in Italy. The Middle one states that the pistol was made in the Beretta USA facility. The “65490” is Beretta’s government CAGE code. Next you want to look at the “PB” mark. Notice on the top two government pistols, the PB has solid letters as compared to the stylized commercial PB shown on the bottom commercial slide. This shows the bottom slide came off an early M9 Special Edition or a newer commercial J92M9AOM pistol.”

This is correctly marked and are in New Old Stock condition. Rest assured that this have never been used, and are perfect for a clone U.S. M9. Incredibly difficult to find issued M9 slides, let alone in this condition. All markings are correct and can be verified on a neat write up of Handling marks may or may not be present.

Once these slides are gone, they are gone.

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